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Patient-centric Healthcare

The humanitarian and pharmaceutical supply chain solved.

VITALLIANCE partners with Donors, Ministries of Health, Suppliers, Private Sector and Faith-based Organizations, to transform humanitarian aid and pharmaceutical supply chains in Africa and emerging economies. Vitalliance offers a unique combination of  innovative network technology and supply chain expertise, gained on the ground in Africa, along with experience transforming operations and coaching local teams to proficiency. The result is optimal services, maximum value from funds, and better patient outcomes at lower costs.

How Vitalliance Helps

Humanitarian Aid Logistics

Gain Visibility and Optimize Your Spend for Maximum the Impact

Connect to the Humanitarian Aid Network, a multiparty network that spans organizations and countries, and gain visibility to how your program is being carried out and see the impact of your donations. Make decisions based on data sourced from across the entire program. Optimize your results and patients served with continual near-real time feedback on program performance.

Ministry of Health and Humanitarian Aid

Gain Visibility, Serve More Patients and Get Better Health Outcomes

With Vitalliance’s analysis, program design, implementation and coaching of local teams, Ministries of Health (MOH) can transform supply chain performance and see improved healthcare outcomes. Vitalliance provides the technology and LMIS enabling visibility into the extended supply chain and coaches local teams and managers, to improve the storage and flow of medicines and supplies to patients. Vitalliance’s experienced team and partners, build a strong foundation with proven systems and policies, ongoing coaching and support through the Africa Support Centre. MOH build valuable skills at the local level, and see improved patient care at lower costs.

Gain Visibility into the Markets You Serve, Track Product Quality, and Get an Accurate and Steady Forecast

Gain full network visibility by connecting to the Humanitarian Aid Network and see where your product is being consumed. Optimize growth in markets and minimize waste by balancing  supply and demand.  Combat counterfeits and, product switching while enhancing recall capability by connecting to the blockchain-enabled global network. Vitalliance enables you to effectively manage the “shock” of order spikes, levels out the forecast, and provides you with a smooth steady forecast based on actual consumption.


Private Sector in Humanitarian Aid and Pharma Supply Chain

Seamlessly Connect to a Market and Collaborate with Suppliers and Clients to Track and Trace Inventory Availability and Service Provider Performance

Collaborate in the Humanitarian Aid Network to exchange information and/or transaction data to drive on shelf access for market growth.  Drive efficiencies in your value chain by using real time upstream and downstream data to sense demand and manage supply. Optimize your operation models and services to increase sales and reduce costs. 

Faith Based Organizations in Africa

Gain Visibility and Optimize Your Reach to Patients in the Remote Setting

Consolidate visibility, planning and execution across multiple healthcare service sites through the Humanitarian Aid Network.  Increase access to essential health commodities through optimal channels down to the last mile, to ensure patients receive medication and continued treatment. Make decisions based on data sourced from across the entire program. Optimize your results and patients served with continual near-real time feedback on program performance

The Vitalliance Partnership

A Powerful Alliance with Donors, Countries, Suppliers and NGOs that delivers better outcomes throught patient-driven healthcare

The Vitalliance Approach

Four Cornerstones of Transformation


Community – People as the core asset for operational change and sustainability,


Governance – Policy to direct business controls and enable standardization,


Innovations – Technology to execute with consistency and achieve optimal performance


Data – Monitor and improve cycles to drive transformation

Explore Solutions and Services

The Humanitarian Aid Network is a patient-centric network, providing visibility and collaboration across extended and complex supply chains. It can be used by Donors, Ministries of Health, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Faith-Based, and Private Sector organizations.

The Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) is part of a complete solution to support transformation of the supply chain. Vitalliance partners with clients offering services from our African Support Centre services, and leveraging the One Network Humanitarian Aid Network

Our Africa Support Centre (ASC) is set up to collaborate, and coach client teams to build local talent for long term ownership and operational responsibility. We work alongside the relevant communities to support the design, build and operate operating of supply networks.

Vitalliance | The Humanitarian and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solved.

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