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Achieving Improved Patient Service and Outcomes with Vitalliance Services and Technology

Overview of LMIS

The Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) is part of a complete solution to support transformation of the supply chain. Vitalliance partners with clients offering services from our African Support Centre services, and leveraging the One Network Humanitarian Aid Network

This network (with a specific Humanitarian Aid industry core) is purpose-built for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain clients on a patented, multiparty platform which enables backward compatibility for never legacy version management.  This means you’re always running on the latest platform release with your customizations supported.

Benefits of Vitalliance LMIS

  • Respond effectively to improve supply chain services to deliver patient treatment needs at all levels of the health system
  • Achieve visibility of inventory throughout the value chain to manage supply and demand which tracks the delivery of quality medicines and supports the elimination of sub-standard product
  • Realize insight into production capacity and freight lane capability to ensureconsistent and timely access tohealth commodities
  • Manage collaborative planning by integrating data from multiple existing sources and service providers to create end-to-end visibility in the supply chain
  • Improve operational performance by increasing supply chain visibility and analytics leveraging data to deliver the highest service levels at the lowest cost
  • Build a service culture centered on patient health outcomes
Control Tower for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Africa

Network-Enabled LMIS for Better Data, Better Decisions and Better Results

Because the LMIS runs on the network, it connects all parties, and all systems. It spans the supply chain network from the supplier for the initial procurement through to the last mile delivery at the clinic. It provides a universal collaboration platform for the Ministry of Health, extended suppliers, service providers and clients (hospitals, clinics, patients). 

With all parties and all data on a single network, you get more informed decisions and proactive collaborative planning and execution, which means better patient service at much lower costs.

Full visibility enables each transaction to be tracked for performance and all products to be tracked to determine locations, inventory levels, and shipment milestones, along with performance indicators which identify opportunities to drive continuous improvement.

Total Support: The African Support Centre

  • Vitalliance partners with clients to engage across four pillars we consider essential for successful transformations:
  • People Process
  • Policy Procedures
  • Technology
  • Monitor & Improve

Fundamental to the creation of a single source for transaction is the support we will provide to drive data collation, quality and analysis. This informs exception root cause analysis which informs corrective actions and is vital for effective and efficient operational change management. 

We encourage rapid learning with our shadowing techniques through the build and operate stages of any deployment to build knowledge and skill sets within our client’s team for those who will eventually be accountable for the functions.

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