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Vitalliance Offers Full Visibility, Analytics and Managed Services, to Enable Successful Transformations

This is an overview of Vitalliance’s solutions and services. We provide both the innovative technology for transformation, as well as the support to manage and coach  local teams to proficiency. We give powerful and flexible solutions, backed by comprehensive services like training to ensure successful change. 

Control Tower for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Africa

Solutions: Visibility and Analytics

Basic inventory visibility model

Visibility enables analytics for inventory control and proactive management to avoid stock outs, overstocking and to reduce waste from expired stock. 

  • We provide a platform which can rapidly scale to support client real-time commodity visibility to enable tracking and planning which aligns to client capacity and need.
  • Avoiding long implementation cycles and high cost project deployments we build through an iterative sprint processes delivering rapid value and return on investment while building the capacity of the local teams.
  • We recommend starting with a centralized control tower which collates (manually or electronically) inventory, supply and demand data to enable visibility of product.
  • The control tower establishes a single version of the inventory status in the health system built up as data is embraced from the facilities and service providers in the network.
  • Information rich dashboards enable you to collaborate on trend analysis, performance tracking and targeted intervention for improvements.

Alert Management

The base inventory visibility model will enable initial transparency and accountability. Business rules can be built to enable alerts and a rapid response to address them. Prioritized business key performance indicators in the supply chain are identified and business rules established to alert identified resources of potential risks. Alerts are tracked, investigated for action and route cause analysis

Operational Execution

Building on the alert management systems the solution is enabled to orchestrate actions to minimize and help you manage business risks. The system enables decision making and orchestration for processes such as order placing- fast tracking, slowing down or cancelling orders.


Managed Services

We jointly work with the client team during the design, build, and run phases of a project to speed learning and the transfer of skills.

We deploy our visibility and analytical enabled tried and tested technology applying the following approach


    • we start with a narrow focus to create a single visibility control tower;
    • we establish essential data element requirements based on best practice structuring pre-determined tables and fields to be populated from existing systems with limited or no integration
    • while integration is preferable, but not necessary. Users can use standard system-generated spreadsheets and upload data directly into the platform

Speed of solution and deployment

  • Identified activities are spread across iterative sprints to graduate the maturity levels in the business along with the technology enhancements
  • Typical 60-90 days implementation cycle include project plan, configuration, testing, training, deploy, operate


  • Prioritized business needs are identified related to visibility in the initial cycles
  • The solution is scaled from visibility to execution to include transportation management, data warehousing and advanced analytics, planning and order management as the business needs determine

Cost effective

  • We work alongside the client teams during the 60-90 days with the first payment due when the system is operational
  • Single, monthly payments are structured to include implementation, systems configuration, data uploads, training and operational management
  • On-going service support is defined with the clients to provide centralised and onsite support as needed

Explore Solutions and Services

The Humanitarian Aid Network is a patient-centric network, providing visibility and collaboration across extended and complex supply chains. It can be used by Donors, Ministries of Health, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Faith-Based, and Private Sector organizations.

The Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) is part of a complete solution to support transformation of the supply chain. Vitalliance partners with clients offering services from our African Support Centre services, and leveraging the One Network Humanitarian Aid Network

Our Africa Support Centre (ASC) is set up to collaborate, and coach client teams to build local talent for long term ownership and operational responsibility. We work alongside the relevant communities to support the design, build and operate operating of supply networks.

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